Corporate identity is the signature of an institution. Institutions need a corporate identity in order to be distinguished and stand out from others. The corporate identity should be created based on the corporate philosophy, which consists of the institution’s values, attitudes, principles, goals and history.

Corporate identity consists of corporate visual design that includes elements such as the logo, colors and emblem of the institution, as well as corporate behavior, corporate communication and corporate philosophy. The current corporate culture is one of the most important factors affecting corporate identity and is generally handled together with corporate identity. 

Corporate Identity Commission has been operating since 2011 and was established to better explain the corporate image of our university to the public and to increase its brand value. The commission’s first task was to initiate the procedures required for logo registration. Owing to İTÜ’s deep-rooted history, its brand and logo have been protected by the general rules of law until that date, but due to the recent increase in the wrongful use of the İTÜ brand, the necessity has arisen for registering the İTÜ brand in all classes on behalf of our university. The trademark “Istanbul Technical University 1773”, together with its logo, was registered on behalf of İTÜ on September 12, 2013 by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to be valid in all classes for a period of ten years as of December 13, 2011, and the right to impose legal sanctions for unauthorized use of names and logos originated. In case of unauthorized use, sanctions such as imprisonment from one to three years, fines, compensation, confiscation of goods, customs seizure, demand for deprived profits, and newspaper advertisement can be imposed. As part of the commission’s activities, a study for Corporate Identity Guideline was conducted and the guideline started to be implemented in 2012 for the first time in the history of the institution. The guideline was updated by making the first revision in 2016. Efforts continue to update the guide in line with the institutional needs.

The commission works for the correct implementation of the corporate identity, which is a strategic resource in establishing a reliable link between the target audiences and our university. It makes inspections to ensure that the visual elements that make up the image of the institution are used correctly in internal and external activities. For this purpose, it is responsible for taking steps to correct the practices that are thought to harm the corporate identity and brand value of İTÜ.

You can find the documents about our corporate identity representing the corporate image of our university below. 

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