Kurumsal İletişim Ofisi

​Media and Communication Office

Media and Communication Office, responsible for determining the communication strategy that is the basis of our university’s corporate identity, works on İTÜ’s identity perceived in and around it. Drawing the road map required to strengthen the impression of İTÜ, our unit creates content for İTÜ’s corporate website www.itu.edu.tr and corporate accounts on social media platforms and manages the incoming interaction. In addition, it aims to increase our university’s recognition and convey developments about İTÜ officially and from a single source in a reliable manner by creating a consistent and standardized discourse between our official website and the content in social networks.

Media and Communication Office also enables coordinated operation of the offices within Directorate of Communication. Additionally, it develops projects for the benefit of our university and establishes the necessary infrastructure for these projects besides handling relationships with the press and managing information flow from İTÜ to the press organs.


What does it do?

· Identifies how and in which direction our university is perceived and analyzes the existing perception.

· Makes studies on the recognition of our university. For this, it focuses on our university’s recognition by announcing academic, cultural and sporting achievements of İTÜ accurately and adequately.

· Conveys important developments about our university to the public accurately and rapidly.

· Creates and manages the content of our university’s corporate website and social media accounts.

· Shapes the sense of belonging of the İTÜ Family around the discourse of “Being an İTÜ member”.

· Produces and manages projects for maintaining our university’s status as “an old and reliable educational brand”.

· Determines and implements İTÜ’s communication strategy.