Görsel İletişim Tasarım Ofisi

​Visual Communication Office

As we are moving from a time when the saying “spoken words fly away, written words remain” holds true to a period of “written words fly, images remain”, the power of visual memory is becoming more and more prominent. Today when information production has become almost nonstop, it is known that visualized information is much more enduring for the human mind. Thus, our university strives to combine its corporate image with the universal power of visual design in order accurately reflect the global perspective and communicate with the public in the healthiest way possible.

Our Visual Communication Design Office team works with an effective notion of visual communication by making the news and content on our university’s website and social media accounts as visually attractive as possible. It designs photography, video and graphic materials as well as all promotional and event materials of the university and products with İTÜ logo. Our office gives significant support to our university in the activities of Rectorate Art Gallery (RAG) and conducts visual image studies in order to increase the brand value of our university.


What does it do?

· Implements effective visual communication design within the framework of specified strategies.

· Conducts photography, video and graphical design studies.

· Designs promotional and event materials.

· Works on the design of products with logo.

· Gives support to Rectorate Art Gallery within the scope of its field.

· Produces visual projects that will contribute to İTÜ.